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FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version 7.70 Download for Android


FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version 7.70 Download for Android

FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version 7.70 Download for Android – You must be familiar with WhatsApp Messenger. Compared to other messenger apps, WhatsApp interface is pretty simple. Then, even though this app does not have sets of stickers, the messaging process can still be supported by emojis provided. Now, WhatsApp is equipped with loads of features that will support your communication, for example two types of call, voice note, and data-sharing features. The simplicity and great features have become everyone’s favorite. It is proven by the numbers of WhatsApp users, which are 1.5 billion worldwide. That’s a brief description about the original WhatsApp, but have you heard about FMWhatsApp APK? In this article, you will find the reasons why you should download FMWhatsApp APK.

APP NameFMWhatsApp APK
Last UpdateNovember 2018
SizeWith Emoji Changer/Variants: 53MB & Without Emoji Changer/Variants: 41MB
Root RequeredNo
RequeredAndroid 4.0+
DeveloperFouad MODs
CategoryWA MOD

What is FMWhatsApp APK actually? This APK is one of modified WhatsApp messenger application. FMWhatsApp exists as a solution for the lack of features in the real version. As we know, WhatsApp app still lacks of essential features, such as sending large files and security feature. The question is what makes FMWhatsApp special compared to real WhatsApp messenger. Here, you will find out why.

The Specification and Features of FMWhatsApp APK

In 2018, FMWhatsApp has the latest version, which is 7.70. The size of the latest version is 53.02 MB, so it will not take much space on your phone. With 10,000 downloads, this application has become everyone’s go-to modified WhatsApp application. Here will be presented the great features of FMWhatsApp APK. Before you download FMWhatsApp APK, you might be curious about those features. Keep reading the details!

1. FMWhatsApp APK has “App Lock” feature

This might be the most essential feature included in the app. However, the official WhatsApp messenger does not have this feature. Luckily, FMWhatsApp APK provides this to ensure the safety of WhatsApp messenger. FMWhatsApp offers various locking systems, like pin, fingerprint, and lock pattern. Finally, you do not have to be assisted with other apps to secure your WhatsApp because FMWhatsApp APK is equipped with this feature.

2. It offers you a private space

It is kind of hard for having your own space on WhatsApp. It is impossible to hide yourself there. You will be considered online as long as you open the app. In fact, you do not like being asked for something that is not your business. Thankfully, FMWhatsApp provides many options to keep your privacy. Just choose based on your preference. With this modified WhatsApp, you will be able to customize the ticks and hide the online mode. This is such a beneficial feature, isn’t it?

3. Filtering the Call

To avoid the unknown numbers might be the legitimate reason to download FMWhatsApp APK. By using this modified app, you will be able to get rid of those annoying calls and start filtering the ones that have a privilege to call you through WhatsApp Messenger.

4. Pinning the chat feature

For those who run a business, the important notes are crucial to update the progress of company. However, the real WhatsApp only allows you to pin 3 chats. On the other hand, FMWhatsApp APK allows users to pin 100 chats. Surely, it is beneficial for businessmen because the important notes can be pinned easily and later, everyone can access these notes conveniently.

5. Optimized data-sharing feature

As we know, WhatsApp only lets us to send maximum 16 MB files. If you feel burdened by the limit of data-sharing system, it is time fto download this modified WhatsApp. The limit of FMWhatsApp data-sharing is 700 MB. In addition, the process can be run smoothly. Furthermore, it supports numerous of data types, such as MP3 and PDF. Surely it will help your job as well.

6. Mesmerizing themes

If usually WhatsApp has a limited theme choices, FMWhatsApp offers lots of fascinating themes. Later on, your WhatsApp appearance will be on the next level compared to your peers. Do you want to upgrade the WhatsApp appearance? Go download FMWhatsApp APK!

7. Group arrangement

With the help of FMWhatsApp APK, you are allowed to invite as many members to your group. Additionally, you can create different identities for the groups you have by using different colors. Furthermore, if you need to look for a group immediately, you will be supported by searching for groups feature.

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How to Install and Download FMWhatsApp APK?

You have already seen the greatness of FMWhatsApp APK. Now, how do you get those awesome features? The steps on how to install and download FMWhatsApp APK will be explained for you. Get the FMWhatsApp APK via the button below. Let’s installing!

With Emoji Changer/Variants:


Without Emoji Changer/Variants:


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Does NOT support: Samsung S5-6-7, Note4-5-7

  1. Firstly, go to Setting. Then find Additional Setting. Next, choose Privacy. If you have found the menu written “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”, just enable it!
  2. After that, click the Download button in order to get the APK version.
  3. Next, if you have downloaded the APK version, simply tap it to begin the installation process.
  4. Then, you will find the “Install” option. Click on the “Install” button. Please wait for several minutes.
  5. Then, verify your phone number and other settings there to set your account. You will get confirmation code to verify your account and phone number. If you want to make dual accounts, you only need to use other or new number of phone to be registered.
  6. Now, you have the file installed. If you see the “Open” option, click the option to use the FMWhatsApp APK.

Well, we have acquainted with the features contained in FMWhatsApp APK. FMWhatsApp APK is supplied with features that do not exist in the official WhatsApp messenger. Those features are App Lock, Privacy Support, and Call Filtering. For the businessmen, it is really important to download FMWhatsApp APK. It will support the business’ operational by adding Chat Pinning feature and optimized Data-sharing feature. Besides supporting your communication needs, FMWhatsApp allows you to customize the appearance of WhatsApp as it has numerous of mesmerizing themes. Those features make FMWhatsApp APK special compared to the official version.

Those are the features and the installation steps of FMWhatsApp APK. Since it contains lots of beneficial features to support your communication needs, you’d better start giving it a shot. FMWhatsApp will help you to communicate with your colleagues and beloved ones. In addition, you will have the WhatsApp app on the next level because of the customization options. So please, go download FMWhatsApp APK right now!

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