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Download GBInstagram 1.60 APK Latest Version [Update] 2019


Download GBInstagram 1.60 APK Latest Version [Update] 2019

Download GBInstagram 1.60 APK Latest Version – Do you love to show your existence in social media? If so, the chance is you have Instagram account. Instagram has been one of the most popular applications worldwide, with its capability to share images and videos. In fact, many Facebook users decide to migrate to Instagram because of its features for easy sharing with privacy. The popularity of Instagram triggers some developers to create Instagram mods, one of which is GBInstagram. Even if this app sounds strange, many people download GBInstagram apk to enjoy difference experience of accessing IG. What makes GBInstagram different from official Instagram website? Basically all Instagram mods are developed with rich features and improvement compared to the official version. For instance, official Instagram does not allow you to save other user’s image or video. In case you wish to save it, the only way is to screenshot which potentially pixelate the image. For video, there is nothing to do with it. When using Instagram mods, you break the boundaries as saving images or videos will be a piece of cake.

How GBInstagram Works

Actually, there is third-party application that offers the same functions to save images and videos from Instagram. The apps can be easily found on Google Play Store. Unfortunately, you need to install the app and sometimes it does not work well as you expect. Besides, some apps are not trustworthy, so you cannot just put any information on it. GBInstagram is not like those fake applications because it is not the third party app. It acts like real Instagram, only with some improvements.

Through GBInstagram, you can download images, stories, and videos from Instagram. There are many other features that will improve your experience in using Instagram. It is not surprising to know that more people choose to download GBInstagram apk on their smartphones. Instagram itself is actually designed to protect your privacy because nobody can download your images and videos. But, who can help not to download funny videos, so you can play it over and over again without opening Instagram?

How does GBInstagram work? Before deciding to download the app, you need to know its details and understand how the application works. GBInstagram got its latest update on July 9, 2018 with its latest version is 1.60. The app can work well on Android version 4.3 and up. It has been noted that the application which size is 45.8 MB has reached 2 million of download. Basically GBInstagram works like official Instagram. However, there are some customizations that you will find in this app.

There are custom codes added to the app, allowing users to enjoy more experience in Instagram, such as changing theme, saving images and videos, and many others. It is the simplest way to get better Instagram version without rooting your device. Simply download GBInstagram apk, install on smartphone and enjoy the features. When it comes to features, you will find a long list of Instagram mods features.

Using GBInstagram means you are allowed to mark conversation with star, hide that you saw certain stories, download images, stories, and videos, copy comments, use two Instagram in one phone, zoom in/out the photos, copy description, and many others. Most of the features cannot be found on official Instagram. Make Instagram mods your way to be one step further than all your Instagram friends.

How to download GBInstagram apk? So, you have decided to end your relationship with official Instagram and turns to Instagram mods. You need to know how to download the app easily. When you visit Google Play Store, there are many fake applications that may deceive you. Therefore, you can find the app on website. Different websites commonly use distinct download steps. All you need to do is following the instructions. You can download GBInstagram 1.60 APK latest version via the link button below.

Download GBInstagram 1.60 APK Latest Version

APP NameGBInstagram
Last UpdateDecember 2018
Current version1.60
Root RequeredNo
RequeredAndroid 4.3+
DeveloperOmar (atnfas_hoak)
CategoryAPK MODs

GBInstagram 1.60 APK

UnClone Version


Clone Version


Right after finishing the download, you need to install the app on your phone. Installing GBInstagram on smartphone is also very easy. Overall, it looks like installing official Instagram but it may need your confirmation to install from unknown source. To make everything easier, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the folder where your downloaded application is saved. Click file to open.
  2. You might get warning about installing from unknown sources. Click setting to set your phone and enable the unknown sources.
  3. After changing the setting, install the GBInstagram one more time. Click Install to continue.
  4. When installation is finished, open the app. Enter your username and password to log in.

At glance, there is nothing different between official Instagram and mods. But wait until you see the features inside. You can do many things such as downloading the images, stories, and videos without using third party application.

How to Download Images, Stories, and Videos

Welcome to GBInstagram. You have been successfully installing the app on your phone. It is time to explore what the app is capable of. This is the best stage of trying new app, you do not know its limit until you check it out. The most interesting feature of GBInstagram is its ability to download images and videos. You are about to know how to do those things.

#1. How to download image and video

Downloading Instagram images using GBInstagram is a piece of cake. Follow these instructions and get your space ready.

  • Change application setting from your phone. From Setting, open GBInsta and go to Permissions. Allow all permissions to GBInsta app, including the storage.

  • Open Instagram account, search any image or video you would like to download.
  • Click menu key on the image and click download button.

  • The image or video will be downloaded in no time.
  • Now you can enjoy the image or video without opening Instagram.

#2. How to download stories

To download Instagram stories requires different step. Follow this instruction:

  • Open Instagram account, get Instagram story you would like to download.
  • Click menu key and hit download.

  • The story will be downloaded right away.

What do you think about GBInstagram? It sounds really cool as you can download any funny or interesting stuff on Instagram. Now download GBInstagram apk on your phone and enjoy the features.

Download GBInstagram 1.60 APK Latest Version [Update] 2019
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