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Download GBWhatsApp APK: Best WhatsApp MOD for Android


Download GBWhatsApp APK: Best WhatsApp MOD for Android

Download GBWhatsApp APK: Best WhatsApp MOD for Android – Right now, WhatsApp becomes one of the most installed and popular applications for communication. In fact, the app is so famous since it is quite simple to use, but provide a lot of features for communicating. There are also updated features to give more access in commination. Chat, call, sharing files and even video call are possible to do. However, if you think that these all are still not enough, it seems you need Mod WhatsApp. The mod version provides many additional features and even customizations. Among those applications, GBWhatsApp is the famous one. If you want to see more about it, just download GBWhatsApp APK.

APP NameGBWhatsApp
Last UpdateNovember 2018
Root RequeredNo
RequeredAndroid 4.0+
CategoryWA MOD

GBWhatsApp provides things that you cannot find in official app. You will find many interesting features. Since it is modified versions, you can obtain many interesting functions, settings, and customization that can only be found in this GBWhatsApp. If you want to know more, then reading this article becomes good option.

Features to Find Once You Download GBWhatsApp APK

Well, if there are no differences to official WhatsApp, then it is not necessary to download and install GBWhatsApp. In this case, the app is surely interesting. Many differences are offered and they are about good things. The functionality is still similar, yet there are more things to enjoy.

Although it is modified application, it does not need special or rooted access. You can easily use this app without any worries. About compatibility, this does not require high specification and the latest Android OS. It can run in Android 4.0 and above, so it is not necessary to have the latest gadget to use the app. For functionality, there are no differences. Even, the interface is still similar to the official WhatsApp added with some improved features. Talking about the features, these are some of them.

1. Dual account

You can have double accounts by using it. When you download GBWhatsApp APK, you will get access to make additional accounts. This can be useful feature when you need additional account to communicate with friends or other people.

2. Feature for last seen

This becomes the thing offered in official version. You can see the last time of users see and access the app. By knowing this, at least you know whether the user is active or not. Although this can be useful, sometimes it is problematic when you do not want people to know it. In this case, use feature of GBWhatsApp to freeze your last seen. This can be useful since people can still see your last seen, although its time may be different. This is better instead of removing the last seen information.

3. Language support
This mod version supports many languages. It means you can use other languages besides English. It offers your national language, and the input of words is also fully supported. Even, you can have access for language translator.

4. Blocking incoming call
When you download GBWhatsApp APK and install the app, there is access to block incoming call. This is useful when you want to block some users, so they cannot call you anymore. It is better instead of blocking and deleting their account.

5. More characters for WhatsApp Status
WhatsApp status becomes interesting features, yet you have limit of characters to use. With this mod app, you can have more than default characters. It is possible to type more than 250 characters for your status.

6. Send more photos
In official version, you can only send 10 images at once. With the mod version, you are able to send up to 30 pictures directly.

7. Customization of Double ticks
Double ticks become interesting feature of WhatsApp to see whether your message is delivered and read or not. When you download GBWhatsApp APK and use it, you can customize the ticks and there are some options to choose for them.

With these features, of course you can find different experiences in using WhatsApp, so it is not boring anymore. The performance is still as good as the official version, so you do not need to worry about error or delayed notifications. There may be many differences, but those are for the goodness of you as users.

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Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version

Based on features and other explanations, maybe you decided to change your current app of WhatsApp. It is not bad decision and even better to do as soon as possible. In this case, you can easily download GBWhatsApp APK since there are many sources providing this app. You only need to check the latest version and it is better to confirm that it’s safe source of app. Download the latest version of the GBWhatsApp APK via the button below.


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Before downloading it, make sure several things. First, your OS should be Android 4.0 or above. Then, you need to change the setting for installation of software. Just grant access of installation from unknown software. This setting can be found in the setting of Security. If you do not allow this, you will not be able to run installation. After that, you only need to follow these steps.

How to Install GBWhatsApp APK

  1. It is not necessary to uninstall official app. Just download and install the mod app.
  2. In installation process, make sure you do not click “RESTORE” since it will make you use the previous app instead of this one.
  3. Then, verify your phone number and other settings there to set your account. You will get confirmation code to verify your account and phone number. If you want to make dual accounts, you only need to use other or new number of phone to be registered.
  4. When it is done, continue the process and find the whole features.

Those are all things about GBWhatsApp. The features are so interesting since they are different from what is found in official application. Customization and other accesses become the great benefits for users. Moreover, the installation is also easy, even it is possible to make dual accounts. With all of these things, it is highly recommended to download GBWhatsApp APK.

Download GBWhatsApp APK: Best WhatsApp MOD for Android
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