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Download GBWhatsApp Transparent APK for Android 2018


Download GBWhatsApp Transparent APK for Android 2018

Download GBWhatsApp Transparent APK for Android 2018 – Have you noticed this modified WhatsApp application? The mod application that would like to be introduced in this article is GBWhatsApp Transparent. Well, GBWhatsApp tries to answer the needs of maximized communication process. It is equipped with advance features that will support your activity on WhatsApp. Besides supporting, it will give an excellent experience in using this modified WhatsApp messenger as well. Moreover, it is the most recommended modified WhatsApp, so it is recommended to download GBWhatsApp Transparent. However, what does GBWhatsApp Transparent offer to the users?

Before we go further to the features and steps to download the app, let’s talk about what the official WhatsApp has in the very first place. Firstly, you are able to customize the chatting room wallpaper. Next, two types of call with crystal-clear quality. Then, you are allowed to send files, and the sending process will not hamper the quality of your files. However, there are some features that the real WhatsApp does not have, such as the security facility and the limit of file size that seems too small to most of users. As we know, the limit of data shared on WhatsApp is 16 MB. Now, we are about to see the amazing features of GBWhatsApp and how to download it. Please stay tune to find out those things.

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What Can GBWhatsApp Transparent Offer to the Users?

The latest version of this modified WhatsApp is called version 6.58. This one is released on October 2018. By using the app, you do not have to worry that your WhatsApp is outdated because it will be regularly updated. The source is from the authorized source. Additionally, it is supplied by numerous of necessary features that will give a maximized experience. The question is: why is it necessary to download GBWhatsApp Transparent in the very first place?

1. It allows you to have more than one WhatsApp account

If you’re a business owner, you might want to separate the business thing and the personal issue by creating another WhatsApp account. However, the official WhatsApp does not support the dual account system. Worry no more because GBWhatsApp Transparent allows you to have another account to run the business. It will help you to run the business effectively. Additionally, it helps to save your money because you do not have to buy another cellphone to make the second WhatsApp account.

2. The regular update

GBWhatsApp will help you to get the advanced version of WhatsApp messenger as the app will be updated every particular time. You will be able to know the progress by the update notification. Moreover, you should not worry because the updates come from an authorized source.

3. It is equipped with stunning transparent themes

GBWhatsApp lets you to customize the WhatsApp theme. It has lots of amazing themes that makes the WhatsApp looks stunning than before. The good news is, the themes available will not hamper the performance of your WhatsApp account. The other good news is, those transparent themes are only available in GBWhatsApp Transparent app.

4. The Security feature

Another reason to download GBWhatsApp Transparent is its ability to secure the account. There are two types of security that you may use. First is the passcode which will enable you in protecting the data. As a result, your data will be kept from the suspicious hands. In addition, there is a feature to lock the chats. It is the excellent feature since you might operate a confidential business, so it must be protected maximally.

5. There are a lot of Emoji Packages

Emojis that are found in WhatsApp might be boring and dull. With the help of GBWhatsApp, you will have various emoji packs. The packs are quite unusual, but they are super cute. Here, you can find emojis, such as Pikachu and Android Oreo.

6. The increased file size limit of file sharing

If the original allows you to send only 16 MB files, this transparent WhatsApp will let you send the large files. You are allowed to define the limit of upload up until 2 GB.

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Download GBWhatsApp Transparent APK

For those of you who are interested in using GBWhatsApp Transparent, below is information and downloading the Transparent GBWA APK file via the download button link below.

APP NameGBWhatsApp Transparent Prime
Last UpdateNovember 2018
Root RequeredNo
RequeredAndroid 4.0+
DeveloperSAM MODs
CategoryWA MOD





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How to Install GBWhatsApp Transparent

Are you interested to download GBWhatsApp Transparent, but afraid to lose your important data? Well, there are some steps to download it while keeping your data exists.

  1. Open the legitimate WhatsApp messenger. Find the three dots on the upper right side then click it then choose Settings.
  2. Next, choose Chats and click Chat backup.
  3. Click the backup option to move your chat archives to a desired place.
  4. Find a link to download the app and start downloading.
  5. If you have downloaded the apk file, click it for installing GBWhatsApp.
  6. Congratulations! Now you have GBWhatsApp Transparent. Just press the button of Agree and Continue.
  7. If you want to restore your chats, click on Copy WhatsApp Data option. Please make sure that you have backed up the chats previously.
  8. Start entering the phone number.
  9. Click the Menu button, then, choose GB Settings to set your App.

From this article, you are familiarized with features that make GBWhatsApp so special compared to other modifications of WhatsApp messenger. GBWhatsApp Transparent is supplied with features that will ease your communication process. Moreover, you will get peace of mind as this app has lots of Security option, such as App Lock and Lock the Chats. Next, you will get numerous of eye-catching transparent themes to enhance the WhatsApp appearance.

Considering the excellent features, it would be better if you download GBWhatsApp Transparent right now. If you are afraid that the chats will be gone, you may want to follow the steps that provided in this article. First of all, make sure that you have backed up the chats to the desired place. Then, please enable the option of “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” to get the apk file of GBWhatsApp Transparent. Last but not least, this mod version is recommended for those who want to keep some confidential issues and to have the advanced version of WhatsApp Messenger.

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