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Download Instagram Plus 1.60 APK for Complete Features


Download Instagram Plus 1.60 APK for Complete Features

Download Instagram Plus 1.60 APK for Complete Features – Everyone knows about Instagram as the top app for sharing photos and videos. You can post photo directly on your page after capturing moment using camera. Besides, you may share short video with or without sound. Another feature is story where you share the picture or video, but only for 24 hours. New feature expands to live streaming and channel TV. Unfortunately, you can save photo or video directly to your internal storage. In order to do that thing, you need to download Instagram Plus APK.

APP NameInstagram Plus
Last UpdateDecember 2018
Current version1.60
Root RequeredNo
RequeredAndroid 4.3+
DeveloperOmar (atnfas_hoak)
CategoryAPK MODs

Instagram Plus is mod apk for Instagram official app. It is modified version to add more features that users cannot get from official one. For your information, this app is not from official developer, but it still retains the basic Instagram system. Few additional features make it more reliable because it can do what official can’t. Before downloading and installing, you should know the features in this app.

Download Instagram Plus 1.60 apk and Learn Its Features

Instagram becomes popular due to several factors. There are many apps with similar function and features, but this app is better. Sharing photo was initial feature. Instead of words, you could do more posts with photos. After that, official developer expanded this post with short video only in one minute.

As social media, people need features to connect each other’s. Furthermore, users can give comment, like, and share photo directly. To communicate, you can send message and do chatting real time if your friend is online. Basically, those features are similar to other popular social media like Facebook. However, there is one difference that brings more users to join. This app is developed for smartphone or mobile gadget. Users still have access via website, but as comfortable and effective as mobile version.

After several upgrades, some user demands have not been fulfilled. You cannot keep photo in your device from other post. Instagram puts this restriction to prevent copyright infringement. However, many users want to keep that photo anyway in order to share again. Those are the reasons why you need to download Instagram Plus APK.

1. Download features

Photo download is not the only feature from this app. You can get story and video directly from others then save it in your device. Since the first released, users always ask to put download feature in official Instagram. However, there is no such feature until today. You need to rely on other methods. Using Instagram Plus is efficient way to obtain photo and video directly only by one click.

This feature is integrated to your account. It appears immediately when you select one photo or video. Besides, it is only reliable to store from other then save it in your device. Keep in mind, download mode is different from saving or bookmark that’s already available in new Instagram. When tap ‘save photo’, you only give mark and put photo on your collection. This process does not let your device to store in internal storage. You only have additional access to other content directly.

2. Autoplay without sound

Video in Instagram will play automatically with sound. You need to tap in order to disable or keep it mute. That’s not convenient way. People around you will know that what you watch it. To keep autoplay without sound, you need to download Instagram Plus APK. This app comes in handy with mute mode when the video appears directly on your screen. You can set this app automatically and enjoy video without bothering others.

3. Instagram appearance

Good thing about this mod apk is the similar appearance and interface with official Instagram. Nowadays, Instagram has simple layout and effective theme that people like. You can access every feature easily and efficiently. This mod apk does not change Instagram interface.

4. Safe and secure

Many users feel worry about safety and security when installing mod apk. They think that this app is dangerous for their smartphone. As it mentioned above, it is exactly similar to official app, but with more features. The design, interface, system, and configuration are similar without dramatic change. In addition, you do not have to worry about banned. Your Instagram account is safe from this issue.

In Instagram, you do not know whether the others follow your post or not. It is different from following your account. Some people have interest in your photo and use specific following feature to know about particular post. Using this apk, you will know others who follow post in your page. This feature is addition setting on privacy area.

Download Instagram 1.60 APK Latest Version

How do you download Instagram Plus APK? Before downloading, few things need to be done. This apk is only for Android device. iPhone users do not have this version for their device. Moreover, your smartphone only recognize one app only. In this case, you need to uninstall official app immediately. Instagram is not chatting app where you need to backup data. All files are connected to your account. There is no worry about losing picture, post, video, etc.

Version Unclone


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How to Install

  1. Download Instagram Plus, Tap the Download button above, then you will be redirected to the cloud storage site. Wait 60 seconds for the download button to appear.
  2. Visit folder and tap this apk. Give permission to your phone to access the unknown source since this app is not from Play Store.

  3. Follow instruction that appear after the permission is granted. It is similar to official one, except few privacy settings. Wait until all steps are completed and the verification is done. Then, just login to your Instagram account when the app is ready.
  4. Start to explore features, such as privacy, download, etc.

From steps above, the installation is simple as long as you are familiar with Android APK. This app works in Android 2.2 or later version. It is not issue anymore because most of the latest phones use at least Android 4.0 or even new released. Make sure your internet connection is ready, stable, and available to download Instagram Plus APK.

Download Instagram Plus 1.60 APK for Complete Features
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