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Download WhatsApp Lite MOD by Soula with Interactive Features


Download WhatsApp Lite MOD by Soula with Interactive Features

Download WhatsApp Lite MOD by Soula with Interactive Features – Whatsapp becomes the top app for communication. In early released, users can only sent message, audio and video. Nowadays, this app is more than sending message as you can do voice call and share the status. However, official version seems a little bit plain with less attractive and few themes. That’s why you should try to download WhatsApp Lite MOD By Soula. This app has better features due to more privacy setting, style, and theme.

It is non-official app that’s available only as apk. You cannot download and install in Play Store. Developer updates and upgrades this app to fulfill what users want. For example, you will get better privacy setting and more options for icon. You can replace the old green icon of WhatsApp with more attractive colors and design.

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Download WhatsApp Lite MOD by Soula and Get Interesting Features

Before exploring features, you need to know about mod apk. For your information, this app uses basic WhatsApp with better customization. Mod means expanded features without losing basic features. For example, you still have access to share status, but mod version provides longer time. The normal duration is about 30 seconds, but this mod apk gives more than 5 minutes. Now, check the other featured offered by this mod apk.

1. Privacy setting

You might download WhatsApp Lite MOD by Soula because of privacy setting. In WhatsApp, users may choose people who can see their status. Furthermore, privacy setting gives option to choose others who can see last seen status, and blue ticks to represent the read message. When someone tries to send message, you can also see the typing status. Those are the basic setting in official WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, you cannot hide online status. People will know that you are online in WhatsApp. Some people feel inconvenient and uncomfortable in this situation. In this case, you need to choose WhatsApp Mod by Soula. In privacy setting, you can hide online and typing status. Moreover, people may not see the ticks turn blue although you already read it.

2. Status privacy and share more files

WhatsApp expands to social media area with integrated status. Users can share this status that’s visible to their contact or just select certain person who has permission to see it. You will know when they have seen your status. This mod has feature to prevent that thing. Your friends will not know that you have seen theirs. It is part of status privacy setting.

The next feature after install and download WhatsApp Lite MOD By Soula is capability to share more files. WhatsApp becomes prominent app because users can share or send file immediately like using email. Attachment consists of many type files, such as document, audio, video, picture, even location tag. However, there is still limitation related to file size. You cannot share file more than 50 MB. If you intend to share bigger file, it is better to choose this mod apk immediately. Sharing becomes easy and there is no worry when sending big file as long as your connection is stable and fast.

3. Theme, style, and icon

The next thing is theme, including style and icon. The latest version of official WhatsApp has feature to change background with picture, photo, and color. However, the entire style is still similar without many differences. If you like different and more variation style, this mod comes in handy. Users can choose tons of style to replace old theme with completely attractive appearance. Your WhatsApp will be different from others due to style you choose. The icon consists of standard green one and several splendid options. Users may replace the basic icon with completely new and different one. It is part of mod app in WhatsApp.

4. Security and safety

This mod is secure to install in Android 4.3 or higher version. As it mentioned above, it is mod version using WhatsApp as a basis system. The only difference is on the surface, not at back-end system. All contents you send and receive get encryption for protective purpose. Developer of this mod apk is keen about security and does utmost effort to make sure everything is in proper order.

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Download WhatsApp Lite MOD

APP NameWhatsApp Lite
Last UpdateNovember 2018
Current version5.30.2
Root RequeredNo
RequeredAndroid 4.0+
DeveloperSoula MODs
CategoryWA MOD





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How to Install WhatsApp Lite APK

Let’s move to the methods to install and download WhatsApp Lite MOD by Soula. Before you go further, make sure to do backup data and contacts. After that, uninstall official WhatsApp because the device only recognizes one app. Follow the below steps for further instructions.

  1. Use the Download button above to get the WhatsApp Lite APK file. Then you will be redirected to an online storage site, wait 60 seconds until the download button appears.
  2. After file is ready, click it and allow the device to install from unknown source. This is common thing since this app is not from Play Store.

  3. Follow the installation instruction such as phone number and verification code. It is like WhatsApp installation for the first time.

  4. After everything is done, you can restore to backup data and load contact information. As you know, it takes more time for big data. Now, this mod apk is ready as the real Whatsapp.

The steps seem simple, but pay attention to certain part. If you are not familiar with apk or mod app, it is better to do small research. There is no harm when the installation process goes wrong. If the installation is not complete, just try again from beginning. This mod is safe and users will not receive banned alert.

Moreover, mod apk is secure and no phone configuration is changed. You still have the same setting as official WhatsApp. You can share this mod with others to enjoy more themes and privacy options. That’s what you need to know related to download WhatsApp Lite MOD By Soula.

Download WhatsApp Lite MOD by Soula with Interactive Features
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