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Download WhatsApp Plus APK MOD and Learn Everything about the App

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Download WhatsApp Plus APK MOD and Learn Everything about the App

Download WhatsApp Plus APK MOD and Learn Everything about the App – Being able to download WhatsApp Plus APK is such a great thing today. It is no longer a secret that lots of people now are looking for the way to download the app as they want to conduct the daily basis communication with a more sophisticated version of WhatsApp. As we know, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app that the world has today. Almost everyone has WhatsApp account and they use it for communication in daily basis. There are many reasons why it is so popular and used by people around the world. One of the reasons is the fact that WhatsApp simplifies everything when it comes to communication, including sending pictures, videos, and even document files.

As for WhatsApp Plus, it is basically a twist of the popular messenger app. It is a kind of modified version. The most noticeable difference of the plus version with the original one is the icon. The original WhatsApp has green icon while the Plus one has cyan icon. This version was established in 2012 by the developer from Spain named Rafalete. It gains popularity quite rapidly and in just 6 years, it has been as popular as the original WhatsApp for Android. If you are interested in it and want to download WhatsApp Plus APK, you can find more information about it below. Moreover, you can also get the APK.

The Features You will Find when Download WhatsApp Plus APK

There are many reasons why you should use the Plus version of WhatsApp. Even though when you think about it thoroughly, you will not find it legal in any way. Indeed, there is no evidence that this Plus messenger app is legal, like the original one. Well, the official WhatsApp never gives a statement related to this matter, making it remains a mystery. Despite of the fact that its legality is still in question, you should really try the app. Well, just check out the features offered down below.

1. You Can Change the UI

On the original WhatsApp version, the way you can customize your UI is basically just limited to the wallpaper of the app. In Plus version, you can do a lot more. The app allows you to change the color scheme of the app. You can change it multiple times. So, if you get bored with the regular green color just like on the original WhatsApp, just change it to any color you like, including blue, purple, or even red. You can also make changes on the size of header, the conversation screen, even on the color of icon. This is why many people would love to download WhatsApp Plus APK.

2. It Has Over 2,000 Themes for Free

When you use the original WhatsApp for Android, you do notice that the messenger app does not use any theme. The only theme it has is the one that users can use. The situation is quite on the contrary when you use the Plus app. On this version, you can change the theme of the app as many times as possible. Yes, there are over 2,000 themes that you can apply for free on the app. They come from movies, objects, famous people, and so on. You can surely change the theme immediately if you get bored of the current one.

3. You Can Send HD Image

If you use the original WhatsApp, sending High Definition image, like those images with huge sizes, is quite impossible. Those images will get automatically resized and reduce its quality. This will never happen in the Plus version. Just customize your own media sharing setting. If you want to send HD images, set the image to be sent without compression. As the result, your HD images will remain HD when the receiver downloads it.

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Download WhatsApp Plus APK and Get the Latest Version?

If you were scrolling through Google Play Store back in 2012, you could find the WhatsApp Plus there and you just need to click it to download. Unfortunately, since it is still illegal, Google somehow takes down the app from Play Store. As the result, if you want to install the app on your device, you need to go through a bit more complicated process. However, do not worry about it because your guide is here.

The first thing that you need to do to get the WhatsApp Plus is to get the APK. APK is the package filled with the files and software that you need to install it to the device. Download WhatsApp Plus APK via the download button below.

APP NameWhatsApp Plus
Last UpdateNovember 2018
Root RequeredNo
RequeredAndroid 4.0+
CategoryWA MOD


However, if you can’t find it, go get it on other places across the internet. Considering that this app is demanded by lots of people, it is believed that you will not find it difficult to download it. Here are the steps to install this mod.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK

  1. Once you download WhatsApp Plus APK, locate the file and move on to the next steps.
  2. Now, it is time to install the APK to your phone. Before starting to install, please remember to backup your WhatsApp data and delete the original app from the smartphone.
  3. After that, you can start the process. Open the package you downloaded earlier.
  4. Then, your phone will start an installation process. This should start immediately. You need to wait until it is completely done.
  5. When the installation is done, usually a notification will appear. You can now launch the WhatsApp Plus and log in using your WhatsApp number like when you use the original app.
  6. You will be asked to restore the back up. Restore it so that you will not lose the previous conversation and data. It will take some time for the backup process.

Now, you can see how great it is to use the modified version of WhatsApp. In fact, the Plus version gives more freedom and flexibility in customizing your messenger app. Considering that almost everyone today uses the original WhatsApp and it has become an acceptable way to communicate to others, you should really consider to have the Plus version. After you download WhatsApp Plus APK, just enjoy those amazing extra features above.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK MOD and Learn Everything about the App
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