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Download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK 7.81 Latest Version 2019


Download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK 7.81 Latest Version 2019

Download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK 7.81 Latest Version 2019 – Well, the link to download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK is surely needed if you want to replace the old-plain original WhatsApp Messenger for Android with this new modified version. To this day, it has been the number one messenger app that people use. WhatsApp also provides the features of voice and video call that you can use for free. It does not charge you at all, probably just the mobile data. Still, it is very beneficial for many people.

Since WhatsApp has been so good, if anyone knows there is a better version of WhatsApp, they probably can’t wait to try it. That is exactly what happens to WhatsApp Plus JiMODs. This version is given some twists and modifications. As the result, it has great features that the original messenger app does not have. This JiMODs version of WhatsApp is not actually legal and safe as it is a kind of bootleg of the original one. However, if you can get the right APK and install it properly, it should be just fine to use. Now, you might get interested to download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK. Just keep reading and find the nformation down below.

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Why You Need to Download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK

In fact, there are many reasons why you need to remove the original WhatsApp on smartphone and replace it with JiMODs version. This app has numerous unique features that may give you benefits while sending texts to your friends. If you are still unfamiliar with WhatsApp Plus JiMODs, here are some of the best features that it has but the original does not. You may find it really interesting. These features are probably going to convince you to turn your back on the original WhatsApp for Android and start using WhatsApp+.

1. Share 100+ Images at the Same Time

When using the original WhatsApp, sending many images from gallery may take a long time. It is because WhatsApp can only send 10 images at the same time. If you want to save time, WhatsApp Plus JiMODs certainly has better offer for you. It allows users to send over 100 images from the gallery at the same time! It is perfect for those who often send bunch of pictures to friends or family.

2. 250 Characters of Status (About)

In addition, WhatsApp does give you a platform to write status. It is only a short status, though, because it limits you to type in no more than 130 characters. If you want to make longer status, unfortunately you can’t do it. As alternative, download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK and use it. The status here is extended to 250 characters, giving you more room to create longer status.

3. See Who’s Online

On official WhatsApp, to see who is online and who is not is tricky. You will have to open the profile of the person you want to see one by one. Surely, it takes time and not efficient as well. You can make it better and faster by using WhatsApp Plus JiMODs. On this version of WhatsApp, you can see who is online on the main page of the app. Moreover, you can see it right away, so you can chat anyone who definitely online at the moment.

4. Bigger Size of Video

As we know, on the original WhatsApp for Android, you cannot send large-sized video because the video files that you can send are limited to the size of 16 MB. If you want to send video bigger than that, use WhatsApp Plus since this app extends the allowance of video size to be sent. Instead of 16 MB max, WhatsApp Plus allows you to send video up to 50 MB of size. This is perfect for those who love sharing videos from YouTube or other platforms.

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Download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK

Considering there are quite a lot of features that WhatsApp Plus JiMODs has, you should really try it now. If you do not know how to get the app to your smartphone, here is the simple guide to help you out. You can get the step-by-step instruction here and it will guide you to get the app. After that, just install it to your device.

APP NameWhatsApp Plus JiMODs
Last UpdateDecember 2018
Current version7.81
Root RequeredNo
RequeredAndroid 4.0+
DeveloperJims Tech's
CategoryWA MOD





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How to Install WhatsApp Plus JiMODs

  1. Backup the conversations and media on your current original WhatsApp. You will have to do this because the original WhatsApp needs to be removed soon after.
  2. After getting everything backed up, uninstall the WhatsApp for Android on your phone.
  3. Just click the link to download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK. Make sure you remember the location of the download folder.
  4. Open the download folder, locate the downloaded APK file.
  5. Tap the file to install the app to your phone. This may take a while, so you must wait patiently.
  6. After the app is properly installed, launched the app.
  7. Log in using your WhatsApp email and phone number.
  8. Verification code will be sent to your phone; type in the code to the app.
  9. After you are all set, restore the conversations and media using the backup feature on the app.
  10. Now, WhatsApp Plus JiMODs is ready to use and you can now enjoy the abundant features.

Furthermore, you can start using the new version of WhatsApp. It is packed with lots of features. You can easily create group chatting and message individuals as well. Sharing documents and media can also be done without difficulties.

WhatsApp Plus JiMODs is indeed packed with more features. It allows you to do things with the app that would be impossible to be done when using the original version. However, considering that the app is not quite legit; make sure you use it wisely and carefully. You can restrain yourself from using it to exchange really important data or information, just in case the app leaks them. It has never happened, though, and it should not give you second thought. If you want to download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs APK, just go for it!

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